Here are some short videos showing the parts of the body we’ll look at together


The carotid arteries are what bring blood to the brain.  If the carotids are healthy, then there’s a 98% chance the heart is healthy too!


Our body has 5 systems to move blood.  The heart, arterial peristalsis, diaphragmatic movement, capillary return and muscles contraction around the veins.   Let’s get them all working well.


Healthy kidneys are free of stones and well hydrated.  We’ll teach you what you need to know to have the happiest kidneys around.


The liver has an amazing ability to regenerate itself and us.  If you take care of your liver, your liver will take care of you.  Need a good liver detox?  We can do that too!


Unlike traditional invasive prostate exams, sonography only needs to put the transducer at belt level to get a good image.  We suggest a yearly scan once you reach 40 years of age.


A healthy thyroid keeps us trim, gives us lots of energy and a positive outlook.  If an autoimmune issue is showing up in the thyroid, it’s probably happening in the gut and brain as well.

Gall Bladder

A healthy gallbladder is free of gallstones and bile sludge and helps us digest fatty foods.  A low fat diet is one of the potential causes for gallstones.


Healthy breast tissue is soft and vital.  Unlike mammography, there is no radiation with sonography.  We suggest a yearly exam once you reach 35 years of age.