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I recommend yearly full body ultrasound scans to all my patients. Early detection without the radiation of a C.T.

Dr. B. Johnson M.D.

It turns out that some ligaments in my pelvis were pulling my uterus out of position and onto my bladder. That explains why I have to pee all the time.   I was given some pelvic exercises and stretches to help loosen the them. Breathing is easier now too.

A. Ragsdale

After I had my second stent put into the same coronary artery I decided to get a full body scan. I found out that I had lead poisoning from an indoor shooting range. Turns out coronary arteries don’t like toxic metals so much. Got put on a good detox program. Thanks guys.

N. Taylor

I took Accutane (an drug for acne) when I was younger and have been on anxiety meds for years. I didn’t realize the two could be related. They made me a homeopathic from the drug and wow… really powerful. Got itchy all over then really peaceful. I used to think homeopathy was bunk. Well, I don’t need my meds as much now… so explain that.


There was all this gas in my intestines.  I got some suggestions about which foods to avoid. Now my belly feels much better. I fit into my jeans better too.

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