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Now I know what I need to focus on. Circulation… check. Breasts… check. Liver? Ooops. Time for a detox.

S. Jennings

I’ve got medical issues on both sides of my family tree, Getting scanned gave me peace of mind. It was the right thing to do, my wife and kids depend on me.

T. Farley

I like that he took the time to answer all of my questions.  

A. Ragsdale

I recommend yearly full body ultrasound scans to all my patients. Early detection without the radiation of a C.T.

Dr. B. Johnson M.D.

I was a world class triathlete in my younger days but then started having chest pains. I ended up getting a stent put in but then it clogged up too, so I went back and had a second stent put in. I didn’t want that one to clog up as well so I got a scan and asked some questions. Together we figured out that I had lead poisoning from an indoor shooting range and mercury poisoning from contact lens solution. It turns out that blood vessels don’t like toxic metals. You guys are a lifesaver… literally.

N. Taylor

I took Accutane (an drug for acne) when I was younger and have been on anxiety meds for years. I didn’t realize the two could be related. They made me a homeopathic from the drug and wow… really powerful. Got itchy all over then really peaceful. I used to think homeopathy was bunk. Well, I don’t need my meds as much now… so explain that.


There was all this gas in my intestines.  He gave me some suggestions for a few herbs and a few foods to avoid. Now my belly feels much better. I fit into my jeans better too.

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